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Paul J. Donnelly, P.A.Miami Criminal Lawyer Paul J. Donnelly is experienced on defending those accused of breaking Florida state and federal laws. With over two decades of experience as a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Donnelly offers his clients well-honed knowledge, a record of success in defending clients against serious federal and state accusations, and a dedicated passion to ensuring his clients receive every benefit of the law.


State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Those who are charged with state crimes, including drug crimes, violent crimes, violation of probation, theft crimes, and misdemeanors can call upon the team at Paul J Donnelly P.A.

Federal Defense Lawyer

The team at Paul J Donnelly P.A., offers defense services for a wide range of federal crimes. Our federal practice is comprised of a dedicated, experienced staff of legal professionals.

Criminal Lawyer Miami

Law Office of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A.

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a crime, hiring the right Miami criminal lawyer can mean the difference between going to jail or your freedom.

The Law Office of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. delivers an aggressive defense for every client and is always fighting to hear the words “NOT GUILTY”. Our lawyers have successfully defended the rights of hundreds of clients accused of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to homicide in both State and Federal Court. One of Miami’s most respected lawyers, Paul J. Donnelly, has earned a reputation for providing aggressive, high quality, criminal and white collar legal defense and Federal Court throughout the United States.

For the past 20 years Paul J. Donnelly has provided his clients with the highest level of legal knowledge and professional advice while fighting for and protecting his client’s constitutional rights.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I could only advise from experience. When I was facing federal chargers it was the worst time of my life. Personally the worst part was not knowing what's going to happen. Also, who do you trust. Most attorney will tell you exactly what you want to hear. I heard all kinds of suggestions. It becomes very confusing. Paul, was always honest , fair and didn't mislead me. I can honestly say he is a good person. He understands the system very well. It's like have the best quarterback (Tom Brady) on your team. I trust him. Thank you P.


I struggled and found myself dealing with a 24 year old issue that continued to be a thorn in my future. Paul was able to help me feel at ease and discussed the process from start to finish. Very knowledge and professional. Within days everything was handled and my family is forever grateful. If you are looking for an honest, effective attorney, look no further!


Paul was able to resolve my situation in a matter of days. I was very satisfied with Paul's services and he kept me informed and educated me on the process every step of the way. The most important thing also that I liked about Paul was he gave me his personal number and was always accessible when ever I had a question or concern. I would definitely recommend Paul and will continue to stay in contact with him.


Mr. Donnelly is by far one of the most honest & trustworthy attorneys I have ever met. I would never consider hiring anyone else and anytime any family or friends of mine are seeking an attorney I have always recommended him. He guided me throughout the federal process with ease and always kept me informed with everything that was going on . He exceeded my expectations and I could never thank him enough....


I have the utmost respect for this attorney through my trials and tribulation this attorney has never forsaken me every court date he was there every appointment or phone call he has been there EVERY TIME not only is he knowledgeable he doesn't sell you any dream he fully fights for you till the end highly recommended for representation frankly it doesn't come better than MR. PAUL DONNELLY.


State and Federal Miami Criminal Lawyer

Our team provides legal services to those who are accused of state and/or federal crimes. Our state practice includes representing those who have been accused of DUI, drug crimes, and violent crimes, and theft.

We offer services geared towards defending those who have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors, and we ably represent non-Florida residents who have been arrested while visiting the state.

Areas of federal practice covered by the team at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., include an array of white collar crimes, such as securities, healthcare, and IRS fraud and identity theft. Plus, we provide defense services for those charged with weapons violations, homicide, drug crimes, and bank robbery.

Representing Florida Criminal Cases

Our courtroom experience and in-depth knowledge of Florida and federal laws help to make us a premiere criminal law firm in the Miami area, as well as in the State of Florida.

We are focused on ensuring that as a team we always provide our clients with timely communications, insights into possible strategies, and legal advice based on the evidence and facts on-hand.

Criminal cases, especially those that are categorized as felonies, are complex undertakings that demand a dedicated and experienced criminal lawyer.
Attorney Paul J. Donnelly is directly involved with each case that the firm handles. Whatever the charges may be, our office is ready to fight for your rights and make sure you are given every benefit of the law.

Knowledge and Power

The attorneys at Paul J. Donnelly believe that power is derived from knowledge. We use this concept whenever we work with a client, acknowledging that for our legal team to possess power, we must have a thorough understanding of the facts as they relate to your case.

Plus, we know that if you are accused of a crime, that you require knowledge regarding the judicial system, including how it works in relationship to your particular case. An educated client and informed criminal lawyer can become a highly collaborative and effective force.

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If you have been arrested, questioned by police or received a federal target letter you need to contact the Law Office of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. Our team will start to fight for your rights and freedom immediately. Call us now 305-757-3331.